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Outstanding DJ/Music Event Manangement & Promotion

The Valentine Loverug Radio Show is committed to providing a world-class DJ, music event management & promotion service for our clients. Our team will partner with you to help you pack your event, pub, club or arena!! Not only do we Manage/Organise the event, but we engineer every aspect of the promotion process from initiation to execution. We believe so much in excellence and so will ensure that every part of your event accurately reflects your needs from the minute detail to the most advanced task. If you need a DJ/ Event Organiser/ Manager/Promotor, contact us through our booking form.

We can handle it all

Whether it is a gig or a festival, we can alleviate you of the stress involved in managing a music event. We can help you stage, market and promote your events to reach the right audiences and generate value back to you. We ensure your music events go to plan and meet your stated requirements and goals. So, just sit back, relax and allow us to help you achieve tremendous results in your forthcoming music events.

Our Promotional Services

Our main goal is for your attendees to be entirely satisfied – we know that a happy customer is more likely to be a loyal customer. Therefore, we ensure that we maintain our top-notch services no matter what the event is - be it an award show, an auction, a music concert, or a movie premiere. If you put your trust in us, we will get the guests that you are looking for and all for a reasonable cost.


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